Death isn’t easy. But it can be good.

When we talk about a good death, we mean a death where fear and anxiety are replaced by connection and preparation. A death where life is honored, love is shared, and the dying have the support they need to live the end of life well.
At EcoLove Transitions, our team of death doulas help individuals, families, and communities talk about and prepare for meaningful end-of-life transitions. Because dying is part of living, and every single one of us deserves a good death.

Together, we can start to heal our culture’s broken relationship with dying and create end-of-life experiences that are full of compassion, connection, beauty, and love.

Before Death

We walk alongside those preparing for death to provide clarity on options and possibilities, help untangle the necessary paperwork and preparation to honor your unique values and desires.

Advance Care Planning

We help our clients understand, document, and communicate their end-of-life wishes to their families, friends, and medical teams so in the event they are unable to speak for themselves their values and priorities can be honored. The documents we help complete are advanced directives and POLSTs.

Legacy Work

We support the honoring process through helping create a lasting legacy project that invites friends and family of all ages to participate and celebrate the dying person’s life ensuring an impact long after his/her death. Theses projects can also be a very supportive tool to help the bereaved grieve.  

One of our favorite projects is decorating a cardboard casket used to transport the body to the crematory with beautiful art and loving messages.

During Death

We specialize in providing compassionate support during the end-of-life transition. Our services include personalized ceremonies and rituals to honor life and provide comfort. We offer emotional support and companionship through compassionate presence, ensuring individuals and families feel heard and understood. Additionally, we incorporate the use of plant medicines where permitted to support letting go and acceptance. Our team also provides specialized guidance and care for those choosing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) or Voluntary Stop Eating and Drinking (VSED). We offer remote or in-person care tailored to individual beliefs and values, ensuring a meaningful and peaceful experience for all involved.

End-of-Life Doula Services

At our core, we believe in bringing deeper meaning and greater comfort to the dying and their family. Our services are designed to provide an experience filled with confidence, a sense of the sacred, and tender moments of love. 

We focus on supporting a “good death” for all, providing emotional and educational support throughout the dying process, presence and compassion, spiritual guidance, helping address fear and anxiety, holistic  healing, love and connection, and we hold space so the practical details of caring for a dying loved one doesn’t overshadows the experience off being with them. By integrating these elements, we strive to make the end-of-life journey beautiful for all.

Celebration of Life

We specialize in crafting unique legacy projects and memorable living celebrations of life and funerals. It’s a sacred opportunity for those facing the end to bid farewell surrounded by love. Everyone deserves to honor their journey and share their spirit with loved ones. These gatherings are a chance to exchange memories, express gratitude, and celebrate a life well-lived, leaving behind a legacy of love and connection.

After Death

We help loved ones honor post-mortem bodies and complete the steps of after-death care for their departed. We also provide grief support, wisdom, and ritual as they enter a new phase of mourning.

Funeral Director Support

We offer eco-friendly funeral services, including water cremation—a sustainable alternative that conserves resources by allowing the reuse or recycling of undamaged medical devices. This method not only lowers costs significantly compared to traditional ground burials but also eliminates harmful emissions associated with flame-based cremation, contributing to a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future. Our commitment to lower-energy cremation ensures that the byproducts are environmentally safe, non-toxic, and easily disposable, without causing harm to our planet.

Grief Support

Our grief support services provide compassionate guidance and understanding to individuals and families navigating the complexities of loss and bereavement. With a focus on holistic healing, plant medicine, and personalized care, we help you find solace, coping strategies, and a path towards emotional wellness during challenging times.


Death Cafe Gatherings

Death Cafes are an agenda-free space where it’s safe to start talking about death, whether your own or the death of a loved one. By speaking openly about the end of life, we help reduce fear and anxiety and reclaim a sense of choice, freedom, and even joy.

Host a Death Dinner

Our Death Dinner hosts provide space for smalls groups of friends or family to share feelings and desires around death. We are available to help guide these conversations with ice breakers and honoring rituals. We help answer important end-of-life questions so everyone can understand their options and execute their own death plans based on their unique values and priorities.  

Educational Workshops

For a lot of us, dying is a huge tangle of unknowns. We help loosen that knot by sharing options, laws, statistics, and possibilities for before, during, and after death. Small group discussion and large group instruction help folks create a foundation of understanding for what happens at the end of life.


At our core, we are passionate about transforming end-of-life experiences. Founded by Nicole Soares, our mission is deeply rooted in personal experiences that have shaped our purposes.  Nicole embarked on this path after witnessing the challenges of “bad” deaths firsthand, instilling in her a strong believe that everyone deserves a peaceful, dignified transition.

We believe that embracing mortality allows us to live more fully, cherishing each moment with gratitude and intention. We are here to facilitate open dialogues and provide safe spaces for individuals and families. Our approach emphasizes dignity, peace, and honoring personal values throughout the journey. After a loved one’s passing, we are committed to leaving a legacy of compassion and wisdom.

Our experiences have taught us the transformative power of confronting mortality, leading us to guide others on their paths toward acceptance and healing. Our goal is to foster connections that transcend life’s boundaries, fostering understanding and connection in the face of life’s most profound transition.

Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, as we navigate the depths of human existence with compassion and purpose. Together, let’s embrace life, honor death, and create meaningful legacies that endure beyond our time.


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